Office Beverage Distributor

  • List Price: $134,000
  • Sales: $74,106
  • Adjusted Income: $53,746
  • Down Payment: NA
  • FFE Values: 18400
  • Inventory: 1500
  • R.E. Value: NA
  • Location: Utah
  • Category: Warehouse/Distribution

This home-based business provides bean-to-cup coffee and beverage solutions for any size office, offering a turn-key solution: making coffee, filling the machine, and cleaning. In addition to service for their employee breakrooms, the company can also support catering operations and special events where beverages are sold by the cup.

The owners recognized a need for a distributor that could offer high-quality products and services. Their unique machines are not available to distributors or the general public.

The three different sizes of machines dispense any number of hot beverages and can be programmed to dispense virtually any powdered beverage in addition to freshly ground coffee.  Their largest machines are both rental and credit card capable – employers can offer free beverages or charge a small fee.

The company provides all retail counter supplies on separate invoice including a variety of teas, creamers, sweeteners, cups, stir sticks, lids, and beverage flavorings (Torani, DaVinci, etc.).  Whole bean and ground coffees are also available as well as craft-roast coffees from several sources.

The company offers prices, quality and service that no other competitor in the Valley can match. They endeavor to use products that are environmentally friendly and to dispose of waste in a responsible manner,  provide on-site machine cleaning,  just-in-time inventory support, quality-tested products, the latest in technology, and social responsibility – At the end of the year they provide 1% of net sales or $200, whichever is more, to the charity of the customer’s choice in the name of their company.

Virtually everything is ready to go on this business — all of the supply chain, business processes, invoicing, book-keeping, machine cleaning and maintenance processes have been taken care of and require no time investment.  There is ample opportunity for expansion as business growth along the Wasatch Front continues.

Few businesses have been positioned better to survive the current pandemic environment — it has maintained its customers and its income.  Companies are shedding their coffee pots and Keurigs to eliminate virus transmission sources. The risk of using the company’s equipment is non-existent based on the machines’ pushbutton interface and minimal interaction on the part of users.

The well-rounded business model coupled with the reliable business types being served guarantee an income even if the client businesses have employees work from home.  And this isn’t a small income either, it is respectable considering under the worst circumstances you will only have to send invoices and receive automatic payments.

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