SOLD: Commercial Printing Services

SOLD: Commercial Printing Services

  • List Price: $1,050,000
  • Sales: $1,006,941
  • Adjusted Income: $400,024
  • Down Payment: NA
  • FFE Values: $987,626
  • Inventory: $49,000
  • R.E. Value: NA
  • Location: Utah
  • Category: Business Services
  • Category: Personal Services
  • Category: Retail

Since 1983, this company has gone from a local retail operation to a major wholesale provider for a wide range of commercial printing services in the intermountain area. They serve customers in Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Nevada and Arizona. Customers include large and small printers, print brokers, quick printers, ad agencies and wholesale direct customers.

The company takes pride in having all quote requests completed and back to customers in one hour. Employees are all cross trained in each area of production, helping with scheduling and employee morale. The company has created a unique system to pay employees a base hourly rate and piece rate — an employee who is good with their hands can make more money per hour with piece rate. If an employee has an off day, they are still guaranteed their hourly rate. This benefits the company since the cost per piece remains constant, employees make more money per hour, and jobs are finished more quickly.

The company has developed an extensive library of training manuals as well as staff-maintained detail lists for machine parts, vendors, inventory reorders, and more. Some seller financing may be negotiable for a well-qualified buyer.

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